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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the process of designing, producing, evaluating, and assessing products to determine that they meet the desired quality level for a company’s target market. It is a complex area of an apparel industry. Quality assurance looks at a product from the first design concept until it is sold to the consumer.

Any part of a business needs guidelines to operate efficiently, and this is especially true with quality assurance. It is the quality controller’s responsibility to ensure that everyone understands and follows those procedures. The aim of quality assurance is to introduce procedures that act as a safeguard, recognizing potential problems before they happen.

Procedures are the route for the critical path, which is the journey from design concept to goods going into the stores. This is a continuous process through the life of the business; the path has many obstacles and dangers, and the procedures minimize the risk, guiding us safely through to the final stages. This is made all the more difficult as we often work against the clock to meet tight deadlines. In such cases, things do go wrong, but we have to deal with problems quickly and get back on track. Procedures are a plan of action, so that when one stage is completed, we automatically go to the next stage, and everyone concerned know what the next stage is and, most importantly, know what is expected of them.

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